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12 of 27 Players chosen for USA Baseball 14U from California

logo_usa_baseball.gifThe tough decisions were made yesterday and the coaches from USA baseball whittled down the original 218 young men down to the 27 who will represent the United States in international play.  Amazingly 12 of the 27 players selected were from California.  As Coach Dave Webb said that the outset of the NTIS (National Team Identification Series) that this team will hustle in every facet of the game.  After watching these young men compete for the last three days, hustle they did.  I’m sure the parents are proud of those chosen, but now begins the tough part. These young men must come together as a team and learn to be even better ballplayers.

Click here for the complete roster from’s website.

14U USA Baseball

Congratulations to all those who were invited to compete and to those young men who made the team.


USA Baseball – Morning workouts

Kids invited from around California and beyond are warning up on the showcase and practice fields in preparation for their 1st game at 1pm today.  The NTIS (National Team Identification Series) has brought some of the best 14U (Under 14 years old) boys to the Urban Youth Academy for a chance to become a USA Baseball representative.  If they make the team this weekend, their first international trip will be to Guatemala.  For these kids, the chance to become a part of USA Baseball has been a goal waiting on the horizon.  This weekend, they get their chance to obtain that goal. 

As Ray Darwin and the coaches of the USA Baseball team noted, making the team is an honor and a privilege and by putting on that uniform everyday, there is a great responsibility.  This team will represent the USA in the 14U category in international competition and must conduct themselves as ambassadors of the USA and USA baseball.  Quite an opportunity.

The coaches also noted that not being selected isn’t a testament to your abilities or your character.  Major League Baseball players like Justin Upton and Lastings Milledge were not selected for the USA Baseball team at one point.  Both players worked hard and came back the next year and made the team.  That level of dedication and determination is what the USA Baseball program is looking for.

Should be a fun weekend of baseball!


Peanuts at Bat

Snoopy at Bat

For all the loyal Urban Youth Academy blog readers, here is an interesting exhibit that combines baseball with the classic Peanuts’ characters, Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Linus, and the whole gang. 

The exhibit is being held at the Riverside Museum of Art and runs until Sept 14th, 2008.  What better way to entertain the kids than with cartoons and baseball. 

Here is the link to the Riverside Museum of Art.  Check it out before the exhibit heads to Canada.

Peanuts at Bat.



Pictures from Japan!

The team and coaches are exhausted and jet-lagged, but we were able to get two photos from the team’s trip to Japan courtesy of “Mac” MORITO Makoto.  Thanks Mac.



UYA team at Toyota Auto Museum

Aikodai Maiden High School

Rosters For UYA All-Star and Japanese Teams

Fresh off the plane from Japan, the young men of the Urban Youth Academy brought back a nice memento in the from of the official roster.  We’ve posted here for all to enjoy.  The team had a great trip and acted like the great ambassadors for the Academy that they are. Unfortunately the team faced tough competition in Japan, but this experience can only make them better.

Japan trip Roster, Side one

Japan trip Roster, Side two

The 2008 RBI World Series Softball Champions are…

RBI World Series 2008 - Softball Championship - Jumping for Joy

IT’S OFFICIAL!  The 2008 RBI World Series Softball Champions are the Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic ladies. The ladies won a competitive game against the team from Hilo, Hawaii.  The score was tied 1-1 in seventh when the ladies drove in two decisive runs and then closed out the game with three very difficult outs.  Congratulations to the Santo Domingo ladies as well as to the Hilo ladies.  It was a great contest with a lot of drama.  So In honor of the Santo Domingo team, here are some celebration pictures. Enjoy! -DMS
RBI World Series 2008 - Softball Championship - Rushing the Field 2
RBI World Series 2008 - Softball Championship - Santo Domingo group picture with flags
RBI World Series 2008 - Softball Championship - Santo Domingo group picture with trophies
RBI World Series 2008 - Softball Championship - Santo Domingo group picture with banner

RBI World Series – Softball Championship

RBI World Series 2008 - Softball Championship - DugoutThe RBI World Series isn’t finishing without fireworks.  This morning the ladies of the RBI took to the main softball field at the Urban Youth Academy in Compton, California to compete for the Softball Championship.  For the first time in eight years, the amazing Atlanta team didn’t make it to the championship game. This set the stage for the Hilo team from Hawaii and the Santo Domingo team from Dominican Republic to battle it out for the top spot. Should be exciting until the last out.
Enjoy the pictures.  -DMS

RBI World Series 2008 - Softball Championship - Sliding into First
RBI World Series 2008 - Softball Championship - At Bat
RBI World Series 2008 - Softball Championship - At Bat 2
RBI World Series 2008 - Softball Championship - Swinging at pitch
RBI World Series 2008 - Softball Championship - Throw to first
RBI World Series 2008 - Softball Championship - Running home
RBI World Series 2008 - Softball Championship - throw to first 2

Dodger Stadium visit Pictures

Dodgers Picture 08 allstar.jpg

Newly discovered photos from the Urban Youth Academy’s All-Star High School visit to Dodger stadium have been located.  Many researchers spent the past twenty four hours searching for some evidence of this occurence.  When a young researcher fresh out of school discovered the lost gems, the contigent of researchers let out a huge roar and then skipped work for the rest of the day to watch some RBI World Series softball at the Academy.  Dodgers Picture Kaz Kishita

Also with the team at Dodger Stadium was the Liason for the All-Star team, Kaz Kishita, seen in the picture to the left.  Mr. Kishita, the President of the Japanese Educational Resource Center (JERC), was instrumental in coordinating this amazing trip for the young men at the Urban Youth Academy. 
From all of us at the Academy we would like to extend a very grateful thank you to Mr. Kishita for his dedication to making this inaugural Urban Youth Academy trip to Japan happen.  Without his tireless efforts, this trip would not have been possible. 


*We would like to thank Mr. Kaz Joe Kishita, Vice President of JERC for the pictures. 

The Tunnel…

2008 RBI World Series - Day 5 - Championship Game Juniors - Tunnel

What does this image elicit?  What emotions does it spark?  There is something mystical about a tunnel that leads to the playing field. That last quiet moment before the storm.  I’m asking for some personal insight on what the tunnel means to you?  Were you a player, a coach, a equipment manager?  What was your first experience like walking through the tunnel on the way to the field?  What was your last experience like?  Post some comments and let’s see everybody’s thoughts and experiences.

Academy team goes to Japan!


No, it’s not a bad homage to another “Ernest goes to…” movie, the Urban Youth Academy’s high school all-star team heads to Japan tonight.  Yesterday, the team had the opportunity to go to Dodger Stadium and walk on the field before the game. 


Per, “The Urban Youth Academy’s high school All-Star team was introduced on the field before Wednesday’s game. The club is headed to Japan on Friday to play a game against a Japanese high school All-Star team.”


We will try to get more fun details of the team’s trip across the water as the trip progresses.