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All Activities Cancelled


Good Evening Everyone,

Due to the rain, ALL activities and workouts have been canceled until further notice! To all you student – athletes out there….this is a great time to catch up on your homework and do some extra studying.

Have a great day!

-UYA Staff

Workouts Cancelled Until Further Notice

Welcome to Academy Updates:

Today, Tuesday February 10, 2009, there will no work outs/baseball instruction at the Academy due to the down pour of rain these past few days.   Our fields are soaked and cannot be used.  The workouts are going to be cancelled until further notice.Thank you,

Instruction has been cancelled for Today due to rain!!

Hello everyone

There will be not practice today due to rain. If the rain continues until tomorrow, all scheduled workouts will also be cancelled.Please join us on Sunday January 25th from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM for Our Educational workshop here at the Academy. 

First Annual Urban Wood Classic Temporarily postponed due to rain

Most of us woke up to rain this morning and because of that, the fields and the batting cages at the Academy will be shutdown for today and tomorrow. 

Those participants in the Winter Tournament will be contacted by their coaches with the new tournament schedule.  If you have any questions, please contact your oach.

Thank you