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Urban Wood Classic Tournament–Great Success

Message from Coach Kelvin Delgado:


I would like to thank the parents, players and the people that were involved in making this tournament a success. This is indicative on how we pooled our skills, passion and professionalism to accomplish a common goal. Someone said once that ” it takes a village to raise a child” in my opinion we are/were the village and had over 210 participant/players that we provided a safe and fun environment during the Christmas break. Thank you all and I am very fortunate to be a part of the Major League Urban Youth Academy staff.

 -Kelvin Delgado, Academy Instructor


From Z:

Pictures from the tournament coming soon

Schedule for All Star Game January 3rd and 4th, 2009

All Star Schedule Jan 3 and 4.JPGAny questions please contact your coach. Thank you and Happy New Year!. Stay Safe.


The Tournament Resumes! New Schedule for Urban Wood Classic

Good news everyone! The First Annual Urban Wood Bat Classic resumes this Saturday, please see the Schedule for details.  Thank you coaches for all the hard work.  This is going to be exciting folks, don’t miss it!!
Revised Schedule-Wood Bat Classic.JPG

If you have any questions, please email coach Kelvin Delgado at

Thank you

Opening Ceremony–First Annual Urban Wood Classic Tournament

On Saturday December 20th, The Urban Youth Academy held its opening ceremony for the First Annual Urban Wood Classic Tournament.

Mr. Darrell Miller, Senior Director of the Academy welcomed the parents and kids to the academy.  He introduced our first guest speaker, Brian Barton a Major League Baseball outfielder for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Mr. Barton spoke to the kids about his experiences in baseball and the importance of seeking a college education.

Others speakers included our wonderful Academy Instructors, Academy Manager Mr. Ike Hampton, Coordinator of Education Mr. George Hinshaw and All around good guy and Academy favorite, KT Landreaux!   

Here are some pictures from our opening ceremony.

After the ceremony was over, our players gathered in the lunch area and the uniforms were distributed.,Lotus,Exige
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First Annual Urban Wood Classic Temporarily postponed due to rain

Most of us woke up to rain this morning and because of that, the fields and the batting cages at the Academy will be shutdown for today and tomorrow. 

Those participants in the Winter Tournament will be contacted by their coaches with the new tournament schedule.  If you have any questions, please contact your oach.

Thank you