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Photo of the Day

Take a look at some of our softball girls getting busy behind the dish in their catcher’s gear.

Photo of the Day


Check out a shot of tonight’s softball chalk talk session. The ladies meet every Wednesday evening to review lessons learned on the field and how to apply them beyond. Stay focussed, ladies!

Photo of the Day

Check out these softball girls showing off their skills!

Here we go ladies! Here we go!


Photo of the Day

Baseball and softball field maintenance professionals from across the country gathered at the Urban Youth Academy today for our annual Field Maintenance Clinic. Below, check out Luke Yoder, San Diego Padres’ Director of Field Operations, as he demonstrates proper mound packing techniques.


Photo of the Day

Check out Academy member Ryan as he knocks out some homework during his tutoring session. Great job, Ryan! Keep it up!


Photo of the Day

Check out Yuishiro Suzuki as he fine tunes one of our pitching machines. He has been hard at work all morning getting our batting cages in tip-top shape. Thanks, Yuishiro!

Pitching Machine

Photo of the Day

Check out these softballers as they pose for the camera while taking bunting practice in the batting cages. You go girls!


Play Ball!

Dear Academy Members and Friends,

Today’s games are underway! Best of luck to both squads.



Say Cheese!

Dear Academy Members and Friends,

Today’s doubleheader is under way! Check out a picture of the Junior All-Star Japan Team below.

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