High School & Collegiate Summer Leagues

Dear Coaches & Players,

We hope that you are enjoying a great 2013 baseball season. The MLB Urban Youth Academy, Compton is happy to announce two newly developed high school and collegiate summer leagues for 2013. We are looking for players and coaches to join. This post is specifically intended for the high school league coaches and players. For collegiate league related inquiries and referrals please email Bill Erickson at mlb.uyacollegeleague@gmail.com.

Coaches Application, Players Application, and Outline Summary forms are provided for your convenience. Academy membership forms may be completed manually at the Academy office or online here on our blog. To complete the application simply scroll down and on the right hand side you will see “Registration Forms” and then “Become a Member.” Follow the links and complete the application as necessary. Coaches, we ask that you please inform your players of this opportunity and forward them this information if possible. The high school program caters to all current high school ballplayers, including seniors graduating in 2013 looking for a place to play.

For those interested in signing up for the summer high school league, we would like to hear from you by May 1st. Completed forms can be turned in at the Academy in person to Don Buford or emailed to the following gmail address: mlb.uyahsleague@gmail.com. Coaches will be interviewed for candidacy in the first two weeks of May. The high school league will be run by Don Buford, Doug Takaragawa, and Jacob Doyle. Important dates and highlights include:

  • May 19: pre-draft workout at the Academy
  • May 22: players drafted to teams
  • A 10-week schedule from June 1st to August 4th, with a banquet and all-star game August 10th
  • 3 games per week, 1 fundamentals training day per week, and 1 educational day per week covering topics such as baseball film analysis, baseball fundamentals, mental toughness, College/SAT Prep, and career planning
  • Access to the UYA for weight training, speed training, and conditioning
  • Maximum playing time awarded to all players
  • A $250 registration donation fee is the only monetary cost

 Please contact Jacob Doyle at Jacob.Doyle@mlb.com or by calling the Academy office at (310) 763-3479 if you have any questions.

All the best,


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