UYA Caravan Swings Through Willowbrook Middle School

Dear Academy members,

For the second consecutive day the Academy staff visited Willowbrook Middle School to host baseball and softball clinics for students. The clinics have been taking place all month at various elementary and middle schools in the Compton community. We seek to encourage the youth throughout the Greater Los Angeles area, motivating them through the game of baseball to work hard and be the best they can be!

Please see pictures from today’s caravan below.

As a reminder, please feel free to contact anyone here at the Academy about how you or your kids can take part in all that we offer. We’d love to see you here!

Now, let’s keep the caravan rolling! Next stop: Roosevelt Middle School

See you soon!



Academy Manager, Don Buford, watches as student gives it her all


Baseball Instructor, Kenny Landreaux, watches as student takes a powerful swing


“Keep your eye on the ball, young lady!”


Don helps softball hopefull perfect her grip


This guy hit the ball a LONG way!


She ran the bases like a pro!


He hit this one deep!

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