Update Monday June 25 Jr. Olympic Teams/Arizona

Here are the updates for Monday June 25th, of the USA Jr. Olympic tournament. Both teams played at 8am, with the 15U losing, and the 17U winning.

15U team lost, 5-3, against the Barstow Bulldogs. Player of the game was Holt Maybank, who went 2-3, and pitched 2 innings. The 15U team battled all game, but couldn’t get a win. There team record for this tournament is 3-1.

The 17U team won, 10-3 against the ABD Bulldogs Navy. Bishops team had an outstanding offensive performance all game, while the team played 7 solid innings on defense. Player of the game was Derek Vanbilliard, who went 4 for 4, with 3 RBI’s. The 17u teams record is now 3-1 in the tournament.

*also as a side note for the 17 u team player of the game on Sunday. Dillion Tate was clocked at 92 MPH, and was unhittable by the opposing team!

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