May 2012

Speed Training Classes for June 2012

Hello Athletes!!

Sorry for the delay in the workouts this month. We decided we needed to change our methods a little until we can get all of you on the right track.

Everyone of you, needs to put a little effort into your own future! We can not make you brilliant and successful, we can only show you what to do and give you the correct tools. It is entirely up to YOU to do the work in order to succeed.

You will not get a College Scholarship, make that All Stars Team, or surpass your personal bests if you do not work for it. All of you can be even better players than you already are!! Put the extra effort out there and see what comes back.

If you have any questions, please email me and I will help you in any way that I can!

We will be back on June 1& 2.
(We will also be back on June 17 & 18th. so put us on your calendar).

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 June 1st
2:00p – 3:30p Beginners
4:30p – 6:00p Advanced

June 2nd
11:00p – 12:30p Beginners
2:00p – 3:30p Advanced

Speed IS Everything!!