February 2012

Young Scholars at the Academy

Karen Chatman (music executive) & rapper J.Flexx stopped at the Academy to do a presentation for the kids in the area. Kids from Bunch, Jefferson, Willowbrook and Anderson Schools were in attendance. The students enjoyed the presentation which included positive messages through music, baseball and those who paved the way for equality.

Baseball Players from the Compton College Baseball Team made themselves available to help with the presentation.

The kids were not only treated to music and great positive messages, but they also enjoyed a snack of Pizza and an Academy t-shirt as a souvenir of their visit.

Who are Karen Chatman and J. Flexx?
Rapper J. Flexx
Ohio Native, J. Flexx has successfully parlayed his passion for rap and hip-hop inot a supporting role in Karen Chatman’s Music Edutainment Program. J. Flexx made a big impact on the music world by writing songs for popular artist Dr. Dre, Warren G and Shaquille O’Neal. J. Flexx Success continued when he wrote Dre’s part in “California Love”, duet with Tupac Shakur and sold more thank 3.5 million records. J. Flexx has taken years of experience and now shares his knowledge in songwriting into reaching youth around the world.

Karen Chatman
Karen Chatman is an entertainment producer and writer who brings high standards of creativity and excellence to all her endeavors. Karen managed the careers of writers adn producers signed to Universal, Sony and Warner. As a music manager and producer, she worked on songs that collectively sold over 60 million units.

As she brokered star-making deals, she was troubled by what she saw when she peeled back the skin of the record labls. Repulsed by the glorified violence that resulted in the murders of leading rappers, Karen heeded a call to a higher purpose in her life and made it her one-woman mission to change the conditions and circumstances through music and education. Karen’s music workshop reaches youth with a diversity of messages and touch their hearts and change behavior in very positive ways. Karen’s movement has been featured on Good Morning America in response to the negative surroundings facing young people, particulatrly in the world of hip hop.

2012 Urban Invitational Results

For everyone asking about the 2012 Urban Invitational, click on the link below for updates, game results and pictures.


-Academy Staff

The Dodgers Caravan Stops at the Academy

The Los Angeles Dodgers Caravan stopped at the Academy this morning to make a special visit with the Baseball and Softball Players from Compton Community College (El Camino College Compton Center).

Kenny Landreaux, Bobby Castillo, Sweet Lou Johnson, James Loney were some of the Major Leaguers visiting.

After, everyone had a great time getting autographs and talking to the players.

Our Compton College Baseball Team:

Our Beautiful Compton College Softball Team:

Compton Little League Applications are now available for 2012

Compton Little Leaguers 2011

Compton Little League Application 2012