December 2011

Final Score Fourth Game–Japan-USA Series 12-28-11

We would like to thank the Japanese Team and their delegates for participating in our Friendly Tournament. It was a fantastic visit. We had a ton of fun and so did the players from both teams.

Final Score:



Enjoy the Action shots and the closing of the game ceremony presided by Mr. Tommy Lasorda, Mr. Darrell Miller and Mr. Ike Hampton

Fourth game of the Japan-USA Series 12-28-2011

Its the bottom of the 5th and the UYA Team is on fire!!
Maybe it was the pep talk they got from Mr. Tommy Lasorda who came out to see the game today
He was also one of the three along with two Japanese Officials to throw out the first pitch this morning.

As of now the score is:

UYA Team: 5
Japan Team: 0

-Academy Staff

Friendlies Softball Tournament 12-27-11

In between all the competition today with the Japanese and the Academy team, we had a guest softball team from Tepic Nayarit, Mexico visiting. The team participated in the Friendlies Softball Tournament, playing against an Academy Softball team. The delegates from the Mexican Softball team were extremely grateful for the opportunity to come out and have their games here at our facility.

On the pictures show the young ladies in action and all the delegates from their team being photographed with the Japanese team.

The young ladies and the delegates from their team will be the Academy’s guests tomorrow for the final game (game four) of the Japan-USA Series.

-The Academy Staff

Third game results-Japan USA series

Another exciting game in the Japan-USA Series today.
The score for the third game in the series:

Please join us tomorrow for the last game of the series.

-Academy Staff

Second Game in the Japan-USA 12-27-2011 (1)

The Japan-USA Series has been extra exciting thanks to the players from both teams. Good game all around.

Score for the second game in the Series (3rd game starts 1:00 PM)


-Academy Staff

Opening Day Ceremony-First Pitch Japan-USA December 26, 2011

Today was the Opening Ceremony for the Japan USA Tournament at the Academy.

The Teams include some of the top high school players from the United States and Japan. They will meet in the four-game USA-Japan Friendship Series at the Major League Baseball Urban Youth Academy

Coaches for the U.S. team include former major leaguers Carl Nichols and Shigetoshi Hasega, a former Angels pitcher threw the ceremonial first pitch prior to the first game

Japan-USA Reception

To welcome the Japanese Team and their delegates we held a small reception at the MLB Urban Youth Academy on Friday December 23, 2011. Both teams were treated to a great show. We had music, dancing and singing. Thank you to the Academy Staff and everyone else involved in putting the reception together. We had tons of fun and it seems like our guests did too.

-Academy Staff

Toys, Kids and the Academy Dec. 2011


Toys for kids, a set on Flickr.

Earlier this morning we were visited by Representatives from the LA Department of Parks and Recreation to pick up Toys that the MLB Urban Youth Academy Staff collected for the Toys for Tots Baseball Tournament During the first week of December 2011.

Along with the Parks and Recs group, they brought over a few kids who were here to help with the pick up of the toys.

Thank you everyone for making this a successful event.

-Academy Staff

Holiday Schedule for the Urban Youth Academy 2011

Hello everyone. This is our workout practice schedule for the rest of December 2011. We will resume our regular schedule on January 03, 2012. If you have any questions please call the academy.

Thank you,

-the Academy Staff
(310) 763-3479

Japan-USA Tournament 2011

Everyone is invited to attend this friendly tournament.

Japan-USA Tournament 2011

-Academy Staff