Field and Turf Maintenance Clinic

On Friday, December 10th, the Urban Youth Academy hosted a free clinic in hopes of educating the people in attendance how to maintain their baseball diamonds in a professional manner. There were about 50 people in attendance, most of them were high school and college coaches, parents and even a couple of ball players.

pic 4.JPG

The guest speakers were:

  1. Murray Cook – MLB’s Official Field and Venue Consultant
  2. Chad Olsen – Brickman Baseball Operations
  3. Cesar Carbajal – Head of Groundcrew for USC
  4. Rene Garcia – L.A. Dodgers Growndcrew Member
  5. Rob Yoakum – Turface Field Representative
  6. Jon Paul & Kevin Haines – Turf Star TORO
  7. Paul Wizikowski – Simplot Partners 

The clinic was from 9:00am – 3:00pm and the schedule of the event was as followed:

  • Careers in grounds keeping and operations
  • Two 45 min rotations (1)Infield Maintenance and Edging by Rene Garcia and Cesar Carbajal (2)Mound and home plate maintenance dimensions by Chad Olsen and Murray Cook
  • Lunch
  • Three 30 min rotations (1)- Turf Management and Irrigation Maintenance by Paul Wizikowsi and Kevin Haines (2)- Type of Field Equipment and Maintenance by Jon Paul Brickman and Chad Olsen (3)- Material Demonstration by Rob Yoakum


Below are pictures of all of the action!! Enjoy and hope to see you at our next clinic!

pic 5.JPG

pic 2.JPG

pic 3.JPG

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