Hall of Famer Frank Robinson Day

Hall of Famer Frank Robinson was in attendance for the Baron’s Sunday afternoon game. Robinson, the only player to win league MVP honors in both the American and National Leagues, threw the ceremonial first pitch.

Before walking out to the mound, Robinson talked with the Barons team as well as the San Luis Obispo Rattlers, the visiting opponent.  He stressed the importance of education and giving your manager 100 percent effort every time you step on the field.

When asked what advice he had for the Barons players who are trying to make it in the major leagues, Robinson replied: “I tell them to get an education. That is number one because that’s something you can always fall back on,” he said. “We all don’t make it to the major leagues and we all don’t make it into professional baseball. But the one thing that I would say is to continue to grow, understand and to play. … Continue to understand that this is not an easy game, it’s not an easy lifestyle, but if you work hard and it’s something you want to do then you can achieve it.”

Robinson, who has strong ties to the Urban Youth Academy, has seen the facility grow and become a success over the past three years.

“It has made tremendous progress and a lot of it has to do with Darrell Miller and the staff on site,” he said. “They have worked so hard to keep this facility up and running and getting people to understand that it’s here and it’s here for them to use. It’s a full package here and that’s the amazing thing about it. I don’t think it’s as well known about what is here but I do think that it will be in the next four or five years.”


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