Barons in the 2009 MLB Draft

Four Academy Barons got the most memorable phone call of their lives on Wednesday afternoon.

Nick Akins, Trayvonne Johnson, Josef Terry and Shuhei Fujiya were notified they had been selected in the 2009 MLB First-Year Player Draft. The deadline for teams to sign a drafted player is August 17.

Akins, a leftfielder from Vanguard University, was selected in the 19th round by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Johnson, a 6-foot-1 catcher, was selected in the 30th round by the Minnesota Twins.

Terry, a second baseman from Cerritos College, was selected in the 17th round by the Seattle Mariners.

Fujiya, a right-handed pitcher from University of Northern Iowa, was selected in the 18th round by the San Diego Padres.

Each player shares their thoughts and feelings about being drafted.

Akins: “I was just excited to get my name called. … This is my third time being drafted so I am signing for sure. I have been waiting for this for a while now. It’s kind of crazy that I am about to go out and chase my dream.”

Fujiya: “Excited and happy was my initial feeling, but I was kind of surprised. I was expecting my name to get called but to actually see my name out there is a real surprise. … It’s been a dream my whole life and to get to that starting point is really unbelievable.”

Terry: “I was shocked and overwhelmed. … It’s my first time being drafted. … Baseball has always been my escape. If i had a problem I would just go out and play baseball. It has just always been my way to rescue me so it just made my dream come true.”

Johnson: “I thought about my auntie who passed away in 2007. I kind of stopped playing once she passed away so when I came back and I got the phone call I knew immediately that this is what she would’ve wanted me to do. I was excited and ready to work hard. I am ready and willing to do anything and everything I have in order to get to the next level. … I was drafted in 2006 by the Phillies right out of high school but this feeling is extremely different. This time I know I was ready and prepared. The opportunity presented itself and with opportunity there is success. So I was just ready to do what I have to do to move to the next level, which is the big show.”


IMG_1103.jpgTRAYVONNE JOHNSON                                             JOSEF TERRY




Thumbnail image for IMG_1102.jpg
                                                      SHUHEI FUJIYA






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