Angels Game Field Trip 05-07-09

On Thursday night, the Urban Youth Academy took over 50 kids to the Angels vs. Blue Jays game. It was obvious the kids were filled with excitement as they patiently waited to enter Angel Stadium. Many of them were dressed in Angels gear and were ready to root for the home team. The kids were especially overjoyed when they saw where they would be sitting…down the right field line on field level.


IMG_0112.jpgThursday night was Retro 80s night and there was an Angels baseball cap giveaway. Upon entrance, each fan in attendance received a retro baseball cap to commemorate the 1980s. In between innings all the music played was from the 1980s. On the jumbo-tron there were flashbacks to old TV shows and movies that were made in the 1980s. The kids loved it and were laughing.

The Angels were impressive offensively, so it was definitely a good, entertaining game to attend. Mike Napoli and Kendry Morales each hit home runs, which set off fireworks each time. The kids were on their feet, clapping and yelling for most of the game. They even tried starting the “wave” several times. However, the kids were most energized when beach balls were floating in the seating area. They had a blast trying to touch or hit the beach ball.

After an Angels victory, the kids were amped up on the return back to the Urban Youth Academy. Many were exhausted and many did not want to go to school the next day. But all in all, it was a memorable time and hopefully it won’t be the kids’ last visit to Angel Stadium.


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