Dodger Stadium visit Pictures

Dodgers Picture 08 allstar.jpg

Newly discovered photos from the Urban Youth Academy’s All-Star High School visit to Dodger stadium have been located.  Many researchers spent the past twenty four hours searching for some evidence of this occurence.  When a young researcher fresh out of school discovered the lost gems, the contigent of researchers let out a huge roar and then skipped work for the rest of the day to watch some RBI World Series softball at the Academy.  Dodgers Picture Kaz Kishita

Also with the team at Dodger Stadium was the Liason for the All-Star team, Kaz Kishita, seen in the picture to the left.  Mr. Kishita, the President of the Japanese Educational Resource Center (JERC), was instrumental in coordinating this amazing trip for the young men at the Urban Youth Academy. 
From all of us at the Academy we would like to extend a very grateful thank you to Mr. Kishita for his dedication to making this inaugural Urban Youth Academy trip to Japan happen.  Without his tireless efforts, this trip would not have been possible. 


*We would like to thank Mr. Kaz Joe Kishita, Vice President of JERC for the pictures. 

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