July 2008

Golf/Baseball/Softball/Soccer Clinic Field Trip 08-02-08


We have an upcoming field trip to the Tiger Woods Learning Center (click on link for information about the Center) on August 02, 2008. 

Here is the Agenda for the day:

9:00 AM-9:15 AM ——–Orientation

9:30 AM-11:30 AM ——-Clinic

11:30 AM-12:00 PM —–Wrap Up

12:00 PM – 12:45 ———Lunch

1:00 PM ——-We Depart from Facility

The buses will be leaving the Academy promptly at 8:15 AM to the Tiger Woods Learning Center, if you sign up your child for this event, you have to be here on time and be able to attend.

Kids between the ages 9 to 14 are invited to attend.  Parents can also attend.  Parents and observers will the Lounge/Patio areas to stay and observe activities.

Registration for this event will start soon. 


Academy Current/Upcoming Events

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    • June 15 – August 1                              Concurrent Enrollment Program

      • July 21 – 25                                          Breakthrough Series

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      • July                                                      Hall of Fame Camp for US Marshalls

      • August 06-22                                      RBI World Series 

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      • August 15 – 28                                     MLB High School Team Trip to Japan

        • August 29 – September 2                    14 and Under USA Baseball Tournament

          • November 7-                                        3rd Annual MLB UYA Golf Tournament 

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