Meet The Urban Youth Academy Staff

By Popular Demand! Meet the Academy Staff

Mr. Darrell Miller, Director

Academy Instructors–Former Major Leaguers

Mr. George Hinshaw, Education Coordinator Mr. James Bishop, Facilities Manager

Mr. Victor “Vic” Harris, Instructor

Mr. Lorenzo Gray, Instructor

Mr. Carl Nichols, Coordinator of Instruction

Mr. Kenny “KT” Landreaux, Hitting Instructor

Mr. Dave Frost, Instructor

Mr. Kelvin Delgado, Instructor


Mr. Doug Takaragawa, Academy Coordinator & Programs and Scout Teams Manager

Mr. James Roberts, Broadcasting Instructor/Academy Announcer/Baseball Instructor

Academy Instructors–The Minor Leaguers

Coach Andrew Toussaint Coach Johnny Washington Coach Marvin Lowrance

Coach Lyndon Poole

Coach Justin Roberson

Academy Instructors–Softball Coaches

Coach Elizabeth “Liz” Vazquez

Coach Kristen Aufdemberg

Academy Instructors–Junior Coaches

Coach Anthony Gose

Coach Rodrigo Veles

Coach Zach Wilson

The Academy Front Office–


Z. Aguilar


Mr. Richard Josefson

The MLB Urban Youth Academy

Mr. Eldridge Eatman, Property Manager & Caretaker

The Academy Trainer–

Mr. Tony Diaz

The Academy Umpire–


Mr. Edmond Aguirre

Missing: Mr. Leon Murray, Security Manager

I would like to thank the staff for allowing me to go around taking candid pictures of them. Its not easy to pose with a minute’s notice and I appreciate their cooperation.

As usual, if you have any questions, please contact me. Thank you everyone.


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