Behind the Scenes–Urban Invitational March 2008

The Construction of the press box!

Extra seating for the crowds that were expected to attend the Urban Invitational

The UCLA Team Arrives

Setting up Admission Table

Southern Arrives!

VIP Registration

Opening Ceremonies

Coach Lorenzo Gray (UYA Staff Member) & Co.

One of our Junior Volunteer takes a break

KT Landreaux and Miss Stephanie Gutierrez. Miss Gutirrez is one of our Broadcast Students. She broadcasted the Game between Southern & Bethune on Sunday.

Coach Kelvin Delgado & Volunteers

Setting up for College Fair

Admission Table.

People enjoying the games

El Camino College Compton Center Baseball Team members and Academy volunteers

Setting up to go on the Field (USC band)

Our Assistant Event Coordinator, Richard Josefson. He has gone on to work with the Colorado Rockies, but boy, did he really do a fantastic job coordinating events. Good luck with everything Richard! (I bet you he was glad the games were almost over at this point!)

The Southern Band

I lost all feeling on my feet by 7:00 PM. It was a good thing!

Merchandise Sales–Liz and Kristen

Broadcast booth

Mr. Miller, Director being interviewed

I hope you have enjoyed the pictures!!

See you folks at our next big event!


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