Come Join Us for Our Academic/Personal Development Workshop October 30th, 2007

Come Join Us for Our Academic/Personal Development Workshop

This is important information for you and your college bound kids to have.

Everyone is invited to attend to hear this information and pass it along or invite your relatives or friends who want to help their kids prepare for college.

Place: Urban Youth Academy (Compton College Student Lounge) 901 E. Artesia Blvd, Compton, CA 90221

Tel: 310-763-3479 Ext. 100

Date: Tuesday October 30, 2007

Time: 6:00 PM

The Workshops will conducted by DR. BRANDON E. MARTIN Dr. Brandon Martin has progressive professional experience in the day-to-day management of Division I sports, fundraising, personnel supervision, and enrollment management for student-athletes, programmatic interventions for student-athletes, and university teaching.

He also maintains an active research agenda that examines management and leadership within college athletics; effects of college environments on student-athlete outcomes; innovative approaches to recruit and retain racial/ethnic minority student-athletes; and gains associated with student-athlete engagement in out-of-class activities. Admission/NCAA Eligibility Certification/Financial Aid– The goal of this session is to create an awareness of pre-college requirements and mandates.

College entrance requirements at all levels will be covered in this workshop (i.e. private universities, HBCU’s, liberal arts colleges, community colleges etc. Additionally, NCAA initial eligibility standards will be reviewed (i.e. core courses, standardized testing ACT/SAT, academic disability procedures, correspondence/online courses etc.). Lastly, a short segment on financial aid and scholarships will be presented. Student-athletes will learn about specific scholarships and their availability, how to apply for financial aid, and deadlines for applying. *Transcript evaluations, NCAA core course calculations, and academic advising will be offered in the final hour of this session.

Please bring your transcript for evaluation.

*One-on one personal counseling/mentoring will be offered during the final hour of this workshop.

*Invited Guest Speaker: Chad Kreuter, Head baseball coach from USC.


**Contact me if you have any questions or to RSVP Thanks.

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