Road to the Major Leagues

ROAD TO THE MAJOR LEAGUES The Academy serves as a source for Major League Organizations to sign and draft eligible players. Since February 2006, Major League clubs drafted 54 players who came through the doors of the Urban Youth Academy.

First Year Player Draft
Nicholas Akins, Dodgers, 13th round Trayvone Johnson, Phillies, 46th round LaCurtis Mayes, Cardinals, 23rd round Jerry Quinones, Astros, 48th round
  • Nicholas Barnese, Devil Rays, 3rd round Johnny Bromberg, Twins, 32nd round Gary Brown, Athletics, 12th round Daniel Carroll, Mariners, 3rd round Christian Colon, Padres, 10th round Cole Cook, Mariners, 36th round Robert Coyle, Indians, 19th round Marcus Crockett, Marlins, 9th round Travis D’Arnaud, Phillies, comp Ryan Dent, Red Sox, comp Matthew Dominguez, Marlins, 1st round Daniel Duffy, Royals, 3rd round Matt Evers, Devil Rays, 48th round Brandon Fowler, Royals, 45th round Frederick Freeman, Braves, 2nd round Derek Hall, Phillies, 29th round Brett Hambright, Phillies, 34th round Tyler Kolodny,Orioles, 16th round Brett Krill, Braves, 46th round
  • Andrew Lambo, Dodgers, 4th round Devin Lohman, Rockies, 43rd round Daniel Magnante, Athletics, 40th round Patrick McCoy, Nationals, 10th round
  • Eddie McKiernan, Angels, 17th round Matthew Mitchell, Royals, 14th round Michael Moustakas, Royals, 1st round Garrett Nash, Rangers, 4th round Nicholas Noonan, Giants, comp Kyle Ocampo, Rangers, 13th round Antonio Peraza, Mets, 31st round Bryson Rahier, Braves, 42nd round Daniel Renken, Rockies, 35th round Austin Romine, Yankees, 2nd round Richard Rossman, Marlins, 39th round Kevin Rucker, Indians, 47th round Victor Sanchez, Cubs, 25th round Sammy Solis, Diamondbacks, 18th round Michael Stanton, Marlins, 2nd round Bryce Tafelski, Indians, 42nd round Jonathan Talley, Blue Jays, 13th round Matthew Thomas, Mariners, 41st round Joseph Vierra, Royals, 49th round Joshua Vitters, Cubs, 1st round Michael Watt, Dodgers, 2nd round James Wernke, Athletics, 41st round Ray White, Marlins, 27th round Robert Wilkins, Rangers, 6th round Reginald Williams, Twins, 4th round Marques Williams, Astros, 43rd round Michael Wing, Angels, 26th round 


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